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New Website!

Posted on:December 8, 2023 at 04:00 PM

Hi, if you are reading this, you are are on my new website. Built with Astro and TailwindCSS.

Although from a design perspective, my old website might have been better, I am not very good at design and turning that design into reality with CSS. Like many websites I’ve built before, I was initially satisfied with the design, I eventually got tired of it. Especially after some layout randomly broke, I felt like I didn’t want to deal with the design complexities my old website faced.

What pushed me to make this change was seeing my friend’s websites that were mainly text/markdown based. I liked the minimalism those websites had and the raw substance they possessed, and how it spared me from most of the burden of designing a website. At first, I didn’t know what framework to use to build this site. Luckily, my friend Zoya suggested that I use Astro, and after downloading a template that I liked, I instantly fell in love. In a few hours, I had a mostly-complete personal website.

You might notice that some of my old blog posts have been moved over. Those are blog posts I didn’t particularly like so I simply didn’t transfer them over to the new site.

As always, the source code of this website is available on Github. Also, the old website is still up at

Anyways, i’ll try to post more on this blog in the coming months.

~ Alex